Journal Entry #4

Special Someone
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Journal Entry #3









Hopeless Desire

Steady as the stars and the moon,
I swim in an ocean filled of my past –
And I don’t know what goes through my mind
in this bay of undesirable mistakes.
Mind plagued by a disease,
Nothing to wring my sleeves of my
Blind wrath –
“Unwelcome,” they yell –
No patience yielded
– But they yell,
Cold words pierce my heart like the first winter frost,
and I am cast away beyond the confines of fear.

Not a place for the wanderers,
‘cause everyone knows the truth
that we all desire acceptance
or else we desire nothingness.

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Journal Entry #2

Figured I’d post the rest of my journal entries on here gradually.

Darkness Within

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It’s truly been an honor –

It has come to that time where I feel that this blog should be retired. It will stay up however the three of us have chosen to move in different directions and we sincerely thank you all for reading over the past 19 months. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

If you wish to contact me with questions you may email me at and will gladly reply in a timely matter.


Thanks again everyone,

Robert and the Crew

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All-Star Game

While my High School season didn’t end particularly the way I’d hoped for at state, I was however given the chance to play in the Tennessee All-Star game. The West Team, (From Memphis through Nashville) plays against the East team (beyond Nashville) and hasn’t won an All-Star game for 3 years. This year would be different – I was selected as one of 5 defenders to play and start in the Tennessee All-Star game and I wouldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. I scored the first goal off a corner kick in the 30th minute of the game and later helped hold a 2-1 lead for 30+ minutes in the final half to seal the victory for the West!

You can read the full story here:

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Won our Regional Final 4-0! We leave for Nashville on Monday for State. Last year we finished in the semi-finals – this year, we’re going big. And I know for a fact that we can wrap up each game with any of the state-finalists!

Be prepared for an update by next saturday :)

- Robert

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The Question -

I think because I’m still young and I’m still going through life at a hectic speed I haven’t had time to sit down and think about who I am lately but recently I met a girl who I have strong feelings for – maybe it’s nothing or maybe it’s something – either way, I know that I have no clue who I am still and it’s something that really makes me wonder why me?

From what I have heard from my elders it seems to be a life-long process and so while I’m ahead of the curve I’m going to just do me – :)

Just a quick drop by -


- Rob


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