Photo Gallery

This is my personal flickr, so there are plenty of random photos. I figure if a picture says a thousand words, you should be able to get to know me pretty quickly with this. Let me know if you enjoy the pictures or have any ideas for photos. I decided to be a photographer just because I can. Thanks.


Click on that picture right there ^

3 Responses to Photo Gallery

  1. Gwen Sam says:

    Caught your story this week. Courageous moves, and blog, you have there!

    There is a facebook group page started for you guys. If Betty White can get a spot on Glee though facebook pleas – YOU THREE can get on ELLEN!

    Best wishes and keep up the good work! Take care!

  2. Gwen Sam says:

    fb – link for Brad, Robert and Ben for ELLEN de Generous (yeah – we know her last name ain’t spelled like that – just a little kiss up factor)

  3. anton says:

    loved your photographs- thanks for sharing

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