It’s truly been an honor –

It has come to that time where I feel that this blog should be retired. It will stay up however the three of us have chosen to move in different directions and we sincerely thank you all for reading over the past 19 months. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

If you wish to contact me with questions you may email me at and will gladly reply in a timely matter.


Thanks again everyone,

Robert and the Crew

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Won our Regional Final 4-0! We leave for Nashville on Monday for State. Last year we finished in the semi-finals – this year, we’re going big. And I know for a fact that we can wrap up each game with any of the state-finalists!

Be prepared for an update by next saturday πŸ™‚

– Robert

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On to the next one

*in my Jay-Z voice* “on to the next one”

College? No more High School? To say I’m excited is an understatement. I graduate on Sunday (4 days earlier than those in my HS) with all the athletes going to state!

Am I ready to move on to the next part of my life? Hell yes I am. Even though the past 4 years were awesome, I’m pretty sure the change of scenery is long overdue. I’ve been looking forward to this moment since the 3rd day of freshman year and it’s only grown more intense over the 144 weeks of school after that. And the day finally comes, on Mother’s day even – Two of the most important holidays of my life landing on the same day – crazy.

Looking forward to playing soccer at the collegiate level and including you guys in every part of it.

– Robert
PS – we lost 2 – 1 tonight so we play the #1 team from district 16 on tuesday which is win or go home. I’ll keep you guys in the loop so bear with me.

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District Champs

For the 2nd year in a row, we are District Champs.

1st round bye in the play-offs.

Will keep you up to date as the results come in.

– Rob

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How do you tell your parents that you run this blog?

I guess I can be considered the worlds worst/best procrastinator. I haven’t told my parents that I help run this blog and it’s really starting to bug me. My dad always tells me to shelter yourself from the public because your personal life is meant to be “personal” (not meaning he doesn’t want me to tell others of my sexuality if I so please, however, not to be so open and willing to complete strangers about everything).

I wonder what may be the best way to tell them about this blog? I was considering after graduation over dinner – mainly because they will be raw in their judgements of something like this. Unless I am over-thinking this, does this sound like a decent plan?

– Robert

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Shout out to this kid

Recently stumbled upon this article of a 15 year old and such an assignment that prompted his coming out to his mother. Truly uplifting and everyone should read this


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Where do I begin?

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions for me. My soccer team has an undefeated record of 5-0-1 and I have big expectations on getting to and winning state with this squad. Not only is soccer going well, I received notice that I will be awarded 25K a year towards my tuition which is the best news I could have received … ever. Bad news is, I didn’t win the 640M$ lotto ticket I bought today…


I’ll be in touch –


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For the regulars

I have not posted in a long time because I have been busy getting through my senior year. It is tough to complete work under the chronic watch of senioritis. Here’s an update: I am still waiting on most of my college news, I am getting through school well, and I just broke my nose. What would senior year be without another surgery? Woohoo. My love life is still waiting for school to end. It’s looking like I’ll have to wait until college to grow up.


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All gay people act gay because they are

This is for those people who tell me they like me because I’m not ‘in your face’ gay; that I’m a ‘normal’ gay. Those people, and most heterosexual people, don’t understand why people flaunt themselves. Well, maybe they do. They don’t realize it, though. To all of you, read carefully. Guys like girls (usually). Girls like guys (usually). That is assumed. Guys talk about it and girls talk about it. In fact, that is all people talk about in high school. But if you’re gay and you talk about it, you’re imposing your values on others. If you dress a certain way, you’re hopelessly self advertising. I’ve got some news. Everyone self-advertises. It’s a mechanism of evolution. I am thankful that gay guys self-advertise with certain mannerisms and dress. It would be so much harder to find gay guys if none of them did. Everybody thinks they are complimenting me when they tell me I act straight. That just tells me that gay guys won’t think I am interested in them because they will think I’m straight. That’s a bad thing. How do people not understand that? I am gay. I want to be gay. I want everybody to know that. A gay person should never ever try to act ‘straight.’ Gay people, saying that you like straight-acting people is a negative stereotype. Quit it. You’re gay, you should stick to dating other gay people. Guess what. Gay people are gay, therefore they act gay. Embrace it.

Sorry that this is all over the place, I’m tired and I don’t feel like proof reading.


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Don’t you HATE when…

Okay, this might be common for some of you – but do you not HATE it when you realize that nobody seems to fit the ‘right’ standards? (I’m not going to lower my own standards just because nobody around me wants what I want) I honestly can’t seem to understand what it is that I’m doing wrong or if that I’m destined to be a dog person. Anyway, this is just a rant.

– R

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