West Coast

I am Brad. I have never met someone else that is like me which I haven’t figured out to be good or not. The reason for this I am pretty sure is because sports are one of my passions, everything from March Madness to Prefontaine Classic. Personally, I love track the most out of all though because it truly makes athletes have to become the best possible. Track athletes have to think about every single thing they do because who knows if the Olympic trials will have a difference of only .01 seconds from being on a ticket to Paris to having a ticket back home. Most of the other sports just do not have this type of lifestyle. I live, breathe, and sleep track. My life is based around my sport and I love the way it is. I wouldn’t be able to live any other way because it affects when I can hang out with friends to what I eat for breakfast.
As I am writing this “about me” Ke$ha is playing in the background giving me some inspiration for my writing. Music is the one thing that keeps me sane. It is the one thing that allows me to break free from all of the stresses that I have in my life from school, sports, and student government. My type of music is the kind that you put on your headphones and are whisked to a magical place where you can be who you are because “we R who we R.” I have always been known for my dance moves growing up, and I do not mind it. When talking to a friend I described myself as a black panther while on the dance floor. I am sly and cautious, but when I attack, I attack hard and I gain control of any situation. The dance move I am most known for are the splits, I can fully do them.
These two personality traits can be considered very different by people. I myself sometimes say I have a personality disorder because I am so different in each situation. Athletics demands a serious part of me while music just lets me do whatever I want to do. These two things allow me to keep in balance as well as just have fun in life. I am Brad Usselman.