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Journal Entry #3

                Hopeless Desire Steady as the stars and the moon, I swim in an ocean filled of my past – And I don’t know what goes through my mind in this bay of … Continue reading

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It’s truly been an honor –

It has come to that time where I feel that this blog should be retired. It will stay up however the three of us have chosen to move in different directions and we sincerely thank you all for reading over … Continue reading

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All-Star Game

While my High School season didn’t end particularly the way I’d hoped for at state, I was however given the chance to play in the Tennessee All-Star game. The West Team, (From Memphis through Nashville) plays against the East team … Continue reading

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Won our Regional Final 4-0! We leave for Nashville on Monday for State. Last year we finished in the semi-finals – this year, we’re going big. And I know for a fact that we can wrap up each game with … Continue reading

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The Question -

I think because I’m still young and I’m still going through life at a hectic speed I haven’t had time to sit down and think about who I am lately but recently I met a girl who I have strong … Continue reading

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On to the next one

*in my Jay-Z voice* “on to the next one” College? No more High School? To say I’m excited is an understatement. I graduate on Sunday (4 days earlier than those in my HS) with all the athletes going to state! … Continue reading

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What Fuels Me

Earlier today my Mom came across a note addressed to myself and my parents in the mail that was unsigned and on a half-piece of paper. In a summary it stated something along the lines of, “your parents are cunts,” … Continue reading

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District Champs

For the 2nd year in a row, we are District Champs. 1st round bye in the play-offs. Will keep you up to date as the results come in. – Rob

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How do you tell your parents that you run this blog?

I guess I can be considered the worlds worst/best procrastinator. I haven’t told my parents that I help run this blog and it’s really starting to bug me. My dad always tells me to shelter yourself from the public because … Continue reading

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Shout out to this kid

Recently stumbled upon this article of a 15 year old and such an assignment that prompted his coming out to his mother. Truly uplifting and everyone should read this  

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