The Transpiration of Andrew

Meet Andrew here and meet his blog here:


The Transpiration of Andrew

Hi I am Andrew,

Nice to have you here and thanks for reading!

I’m 17, a high school senior, a varsity swimmer and captain, active in church, have a bunch of great friends, I’m awful at writing, and I love strawberries. Oh and I’m gay. Although being gay is a single defining feature of who I am I don’t think people should just identify me as the gay guy. Thats why with this blog I wanna show you that I’m that swimmer guy or I’m that guy that is super sarcastic.

Stick around and I’ll tell more!

Feel free to email me-

If you email me or contact me in anyway you have my word that you can trust that what you say can be confidential. So if you need to confide in someone I’m a safe person to trust.



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