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It’s truly been an honor –

It has come to that time where I feel that this blog should be retired. It will stay up however the three of us have chosen to move in different directions and we sincerely thank you all for reading over … Continue reading

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For the regulars

I have not posted in a long time because I have been busy getting through my senior year. It is tough to complete work under the chronic watch of senioritis. Here’s an update: I am still waiting on most of … Continue reading

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All gay people act gay because they are

This is for those people who tell me they like me because I’m not ‘in your face’ gay; that I’m a ‘normal’ gay. Those people, and most heterosexual people, don’t understand why people flaunt themselves. Well, maybe they do. They … Continue reading

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This is what’s up

Nothing has really happened since I last posted (which was some time ago.) Well, the soccer season started. I guess that is something. We’ve practiced for a week and we start playing in a few days. We always start the … Continue reading

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Pulled muscle to start off the soccer season

I think I pulled my adductor magnus. I’ve got no idea what that is exactly, but it’s something in my groin. Upon googling it I saw, “It is aggravated by running and quick movements… including moving side to side and … Continue reading

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Officially friends with a collegiate athlete

I had to make it official! -Ben

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Must I come up with all of the solutions?

Hey, I know the solution to historically high divorce rates and out-of-wedlock births! It’s simple! Ban gay marriage and outlaw abortion. That way every man will marry a woman so everybody is married (because there is one woman for every … Continue reading

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