“being a guy, being a teen, being gay, being me.”

I would like everyone to meet Sam, another gay high school athlete out to live his life. Check it out:


I’m Samuel, but my friends call me Sam. Nice to meet you. 16, male, junior in high school, athlete, swimmer, eater, writer…. you get where I’m coming from.

This blog will be mostly my opinions on a lot of topics, especially ones relating to being an adolescent, being gay, and finding self-worth.

I think I’m learning that the only way you can move forward and be happy in life is to just be honest…and be yourself.

Some of my favorite things…

Sports: swimming, gymnastics, running, volleyball, soccer. I’m really only officially on the swim team, but I love to play a lot of sports with my family and friends.

Music: Amy Winehouse, Sting & The Police, Adele, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, The Killers, Augustana, Carole King, Cat Stevens

Movies: “Black Swan”, “The Hours”, “The Silence of the Lambs”, “Romeo + Juliet”, “East of Eden”, “Hocus Pocus”

Books: By Nightfall, The Hours, The Secret, Unbearable Lightness, Interview With the Vampire, Ordinary People

TV Shows: “My So-Called Life”, “Will & Grace”


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