Proud to be Brave – A story we should all be proud of

Jeremy is a 17 year-old athlete (more notably as a football player) who recently was fed up with the close-mindedness attitude of the kids and parents alike in a small, rural town in the South. He recently came out – showing the community that he, too is one of a kind and part of a movement towards tolerance and equality. My heart goes out to Jeremy and all of his friends who have stuck by him. Proud of you Jer.

Credit to Jeremy for his bravery and Credit to Jimbo @ Outsports for linking me to his actual story.

You can find the full story below –


– Robert

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We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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1 Response to Proud to be Brave – A story we should all be proud of

  1. I so appreciate this, and I don’t really know if I can emotionally handle reading the story. To me, it’s all about self-acceptance– which is something truly affected by those we can hold close– but, regardless, if we can accept ourselves, there’s nothing anyone can say that will end us in our quest to be ourselves.

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