Recently was informed of a story posted in the Chicago Tribune about the Student President at DePaul university and his coming out process.   Anthony Alfano, this post is dedicated to your pride, courage, and inspiration! You further prove that many of us are in the same boat and that we can be proud of who we are.

The ‘Praying away of gay’, suicide attempts, feeling obligated to date girls to maybe get rid of the gay that way – whatever it may be, it’s not right and you took a stand by coming out. I don’t know if you ever felt alone the way I did before I came out to my family and then to my friends, but I do know that EVERYONE needs to know that ‘you’ are not alone.

‘We’ are a group – together we rise and together we fall. You are loved by many and that should include yourself. Never ever give up on yourselves – take it from someone who knows it gets better – or Ben, or Brad, or any of the Anthony Alfanos, the Sam Melnyks – or from those who we’ve lost.

So thank you Anthony – You’ve once again proven that We stand together and We are proud.


– Robert

About Brad,Robert,Ben

We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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2 Responses to Inspiring!

  1. Jay M. says:

    I saw this story. Isn’t it great when there are so many great role models for gays out there? I have a sneaking suspicion I’m commenting on the the blog of three who will be seen in the same light in years to come!

    Peace ❤

  2. Martin says:

    Can I just start off by saying I love your blog. It has brought great pleasure to me to read it whenever there’s a new post. It has reduced me to tears, made laugh and, most importantly, made me more proud of who I am.

    I live in Ireland. I used to play sports all the time, as everyone in my family did, but when I realised I was gay I stop. That was 3 years ago and I’ve regretted it ever since. I feared that if my team mate found out I would be beaten up, slagged and the my family would lose their reputation at are GAA (Irish sports) club.

    I wish that this was here for me to read then, so I knew it wasn’t just me who had to live in a world of secrecy in the locker rooms.

    When I left I built up the courage to come out. It was the best thing that I have ever done. Honestly I forgot all those feelings of suppression and fears of how I would be perceived since then, until you mentioned how you felt.

    I think its normal to feel like that. That you can’t talk normally, act who really are and just be yourself. You have a persona when you “in the closet”. A persona of who you think people want you to be. And you stick to that, opinionless and feeble until you can express yourself for who you are.

    My sister and I were having a chat over christmas and she mentioned to me that she was happy that I came out, that I opened up to who I really am. She said I’m so much more relaxed. That I’m not on edge anymore. She said that just before I came out, anytime anything to do with with homosexuality or being gay was mention, in my house on the telly or on the street, I would become an emotionless mute. After she hugged me and said don’t ever change.

    Anytime I feel down I read a post, even if I’ve read it before, so I now that I’m no just one fight my cause. I’m one fighting the cause with millions in the LGBT community.

    I’ve never felt so normal in my life since that day I came out. Everyone I’ve told was so supportive, no one had anything bad to say against me. And if someone did, the people that accepted it stood up for me.

    I just want to say thank you again for every post you, Brad and Ben have made. Each one has made me a stronger prouder a person who no longer shrugs at the sign of oppression but stands tall and fights my corner.

    You guys deserve some kind of an award, though one of your invaluble awards if that of saving lives. You guys are doing more than others to help those out there to stop their own demise. For that, you have mine and I’m sure everyone (else who reads your blogs) full and undivided support.

    Good like with everything you guys do to help out.

    Go n-eiri libh,
    (Good luck to you all),


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