SAM I AM is more than just Sam

I just read this poem on Sam’s blog, SAM I AM, and it touched me. I have seen my share of angsty teen poems written in the middle of the night while having a tantrum. This is not one of those poems. Sam, this is amazing.

“Recovery”- Original Poem

by Sam


No light cannot shadow this; shit, I wish I could fathom this,

The loss, the life lens, the loneliness, is coming back into focus.

I miss this, I miss the night, I miss the warmth of you, and your light;

I miss your hair, touch of your skin, angles of your body, in you I’d swim.

Light and glass… cityscapes; iron beams, weight too hard to take;

Fall straight, drop to the streets; fucking played me, can’t let it repeat.

Cheap aspirin to ease headaches; pains in the day, can’t help but fixate.

Boxers, dirty socks, a broken mix tape, litter the floor when I come home late.

I feel like you feel, this is a mistake; but time is fucked-up, sleep won’t take.

Lost and directionless, it’s our chosen fate; this day, this life, is put at stake.

Reason with me, make this bed your throne; listen to your heart and the outside drone.

The AC is turned way too damn low, but your warmth radiates against my own.

Your hair smells like some sweet shampoo; your teeth taste like night; Listerine too.

I turn to you open, but still confused; let me wake you, I’ll be your muse.

I’ll be your anything, I’ll be the sea; come into my waters, come into me;

Come into my arms, come under the sheets; give into the stars, give into me.

Sun-bronzed skin, brown hair lightened up; I cannot give your beauty enough;

Your skin, it’s soft, it’s gentle too; but sadness left some scars, made wrists rough on you.

Trace those lines, put mine up against yours; more lines, more time, I’m not alone.

Your face is so undamaged; your mind has taken bullets but has managed

Shadows of darkness haven’t vanished yet; lay your body in my own, and under the moon rest.

Memories, sick to your stomach; perfectionism is a demon; throw holy water and yell fuck it.

Hold my hand, take all of my energy; take what light I own, I give everything from me.

Take my clothes, take all my money; I want you to have my life, so you can be happy.


This poem will stay with me. Hopefully I won’t have to pay royalties when I read it. Comment on here or on the original post.


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1 Response to SAM I AM is more than just Sam

  1. Jay M. says:

    Pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing this.

    Peace ❤

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