What’s up readers?

Anything on your mind or questions you’d like to ask us! Post here

About Brad,Robert,Ben

We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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6 Responses to What’s up readers?

  1. Jay M. says:

    Not sure what the URL is for, it loads a Google Analytics javascript page…

    More on the subject:
    Robert, where’s it going to be? I heard about a signing, and apps going out…have you made a decision?
    Ben, how is your search going? I know first choice, what are the alternatives?
    Brad, where have you been? What’s up out there in the rainy NW?
    Peace, guys, and ❤

    • Oh gosh terrible at replying to comments. If I don’t go to Stanford I still want to be on the west coast (says the kid who has only ever lived on the east coast.) I applied to Berkeley and I am still looking for a school that I won’t need to win the lottery to attend.

      • Jay M. says:

        You won’t have to win the lottery, Ben. You’ve got what it takes to get into the top schools. Wanting to move WAY away is a good dream, and I hope you achieve it, which I believe you will. I always encourage folks to move away from home, at least far enough away that casual weekend visits aren’t too easy…I would love to spend some time on the west coast, since I’m a east coaster, too. The closest I’ve come to the west coast is to walk across the tarmac at LAX to get on a puddle jumper to Palm Springs, and rock climbing at Smith Rocks, Oregon. Please keep in touch, smarty pants! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
        Peace ❤

  2. Jay M. says:

    Well, someone read this….no answers?
    C’mon, guys!

  3. david says:

    its world AIDS day.. a day without art.. what did you do today to increase hiv/AIDS awareness, educate others, and remember those gone before?

    ~ cheers…

    • Uh oh, I don’t do well in the spotlight. I have not done anything today other than watch Bono talk about AIDS awareness on The Daily Show. I don’t personally know anyone with HIV or AIDS and haven’t ever had to deal with it (in friends or family) so I don’t think I have the same drive as some people. I am reactive more than proactive on this. It may not be the best policy, but I have to pick my battles. If an opportunity to do something important arises I will certainly take it, but so far, as I said, it’s been a regular day for me.


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