Manifest Destiny

Oh senior year, what mixed feelings I have for you. I don’t want to leave my friends, but god do I want to get the hell up out of the south. I have nothing in particular against the region (well that’s not entirely true), in fact I admire southern hospitality, but I’ve had enough. I need a change of scenery. That’s why I am trying to go to school in California, which I recently dubbed my destination of choice. I am, of course, applying to schools all over including Chicago, Boston, and Montreal (which are great cities), but I think I am in search of a California state of mind. I imagine if I go to school in Cali I will spend every night sitting with buddies around a campfire on the beach telling stories of our hometowns. It sounds amazing- and you guys better not dash my hopes and dreams. I don’t care if they’re ridiculous. I’m gonna keep them as they are until it’s time to face reality and make a real decision about college. I can wait until I see what schools I get into to make a real decision. For now I am going to look at what I want to do and where I want to go and fuck all the rest. I know what I want and I am motivated to get it. Manifest Destiny, bitches.


PS If anybody knows of any good engineering schools in California that actually admit out of state students, lemme know. I want to be a chemical engineer and live in California. Thanks.

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We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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3 Responses to Manifest Destiny

  1. Jay M. says:

    I know there are chemical engineering schools in Virgina…Virginia Tech to be exact, then you can go to NC for your MS and PhD. And move to Cali for your life in the sun!

    Ben, it’s good you are looking all over. Hedge your bets. Don’t build up expectations that may not be met, especially as to lifestyle. What happens when you get there is largely up to you.

    Enough lecture. You know me enough to know that I hope that you achieve whatever you aspire to. And I know you can. Cali is wonderful. Spent a week in Palm Springs (high desert, def not the beach!), but it’s a great state!

    Peace ❤

  2. Mo says:

    Oh, and we also do beach bonfires, s’mores and all. The school owns a lengthy beachfront property which students are allowed to go surfing, swimming, play beach volleyball, people watching etc etc. We also have a gliderport(hang gliding, paragliding, etc) next to the campus on the Torey Pines cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. My friends and I use to go there during the summer to the cliffs and just sit to watch the sun set over the ocean. It’s pretty sweet. Come to UCSD if you want a fun yet academically stimulating environment. Good luck in your choice!

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