Why is that funny?

Why is it so popular to “hack” (I use parentheses because I don’t want to be disrespectful to real hackers) into your friend’s Facebook account and talk about being gay? I’ve seen statuses that say things along the line of I like dick. Oh haha, immature. I understand those. They’re ridiculous, but at least they’re extreme beyond believability. Nobody is going to think the real owner of the account would write something like that. The owner will see it, realize he’s been “hacked,” and everybody gets a disturbed laugh. What I don’t understand is when “hackers” write statuses like “I finally want to tell everyone who I am. I am gay.” That’s not a joke. Why is that funny?


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7 Responses to Why is that funny?

  1. Jas Friedman says:

    I often frequent Facebook pages and groups such as “Gay Pride” and “Gay People”. It is true that the accounts are often “fraped” (that is the term used, F(acebook) rape). It isn’t funny. They say they have just come out and would like some support, but to be honest I am not sure if what they say is true. Also what I find annoying, personally, is that they say “add me” all the time probably including their phone numbers or something else. Simply inappropriate.

    To answer why it seems to be funny: coming out can be a difficult choice to make. Assuming they are not gay and they are straight (the person being fraped), posting “I finally want to tell everyone who I am. I am gay”, what they are doing is seeing how others react to it. It becomes a test of “macho-ness”, I think. They know he isn’t gay… A single person is unlikely to frape a friend’s account. Two people fraping an account becomes more likely. Posting it tests the social hierarchy.

    • I want everybody to read this comment so they can see what they are unconsciously doing even if it seems like a “haha funny joke.” I don’t think many people realize their motivations.

      • Jas Friedman says:

        Re-reading my comment, I realize one person would actually frape an account. When I was in college a person would leave their Facebook profile unattended. One person would then go over and play practical jokes on it. What I was thinking or I should make clear is that it could be socially motivated. Yeah.
        It isn’t funny, and it is insensitive and it can be offensive.

  2. dj says:

    Because these people lack the maturity that is to be expected of them at that age.

  3. Laurie Sawyer says:

    I don’t think hacking into someone’s facebook is funny at all for any reason especially to “out” someone, real or not real. It’s not fair to the person being hacked. Just not funny to hack into email. I hope you get the person who hacked into your account

  4. Jay M. says:

    I have to wonder if they’re “hacking” into the account, or someone is dumb enough to give their password out! I mean, cmon, keep it private and reasonably secure, and no one is going to guess it, but if you give it out, you’re going to get immature boobs posting stuff…yes, to those same immature id10ts, being gay is a funny way to put your friends down. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

    Peace ❤

  5. The Other Fred says:

    “…being gay is a funny way to put your friends down…”
    Friends do this? I’m not sure about that.

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