Oh, Lakeside

Today I got kicked out of school for trying to turn some papers in to a teacher. Oh, Lakeside.

I have a very unique schedule this year. I decided after three years of taking high school classes because they “looked good,” I was done. This year I’m doing what I want to do. Fortunately, what I want to do also looks great on a transcript. Unfortunately, it involves some out of the box thinking.

My weekly schedule goes something like this: A few hours at school, then a class at Ga Tech, then some work at the CDC. That’s about the most amazing schedule I have ever seen (in case you were wondering, I’m a science kid.) I formulated this plan back at the beginning of this year and have been working it into effect since then, with a lot of help from my parents and a bit of help from my school.

Here’s what I mean by a bit of help. On registration day at school, I tried to get some help with my schedule from the principal. After explaining my situation, he suggested I DROP my COLLEGE class at Tech because it wasn’t at a great time. Strike one. Later, my work study teacher (work study is the program that allows me to go to the CDC) told me that work study may not be for me and that I should just take classes at school. Awesome. I’ve been through a week of hell with more obstacles than I’ve ever seen. But wait, it gets better mwhaha.

Today I had four classes, then I was supposed to go home. No work or anything today. However, because of some car troubles, my mom had my car and I had no way of getting home. My solution was to spend the newly-freed up three hours helping some friends with their senior shirt idea. I worked for almost the entire three hours. I finally printed out a finished product and began walking to the room where I could turn it in, but I was rudely stopped by a security… person yelling, ” Ay you! Boy right deya! Where you think you goin?”

Like I’ve done a million times since the year started, I explained my situation to her. And she promptly kicked me out of school. I told her I didn’t have a way of getting home. She said then stand outside. I was kicked out of my own high school during school hours for trying to help my friends with a project. Oh, Lakeside.

Needless to say, I sneaked back into school and turned my papers in. I was just taken aback that I was thrown out of my own school. She wouldn’t even explain why. Ouch. Once again, I can’t wait to leave.


P.S. This an important disclaimer: I want to recognize my teachers and my counselor for helping me work out my schedule and for being flexible with theirs. I also must thank my principal, certain teachers, and some administrators and security personnel for motivating me to get as far away from that establishment as possible. If they had been kind to me, I may not be in Tech or at the CDC. I might have been happy taking classes at school.

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6 Responses to Oh, Lakeside

  1. Jay M. says:

    That sounds great, Ben! Wish we’d had opportunities like that when I was in high school. I’m sure you’ll do well. It’s good that some administrators, et al, recognize that these opps are to be taken advantage of, even if they’re not “convenient”. I’m sure you’ll do really well!

    Peace ❤

  2. The Other Fred says:

    Seems to me the school should be honored to have you! Of all people, the principal should realize this.

    What class at G Tech?

  3. Notorious DSG says:

    So here’s the thing… High school administrators are just like that. So are a lot of people in life, come to think of it. They’re a little bit lazy and if it’s easier for them to do one thing and not another, they will. Anyway, it’s clear that you’re also the type of person to persevere and take all that life has to offer. I’m constantly amazed by all of you guys and the writing you do. And then I remind myself that you all had the balls to start this blog, so of course, you’ve got the nerve to go out and do whatever you like. Congratulations! And keep leading interesting lives!!!

  4. griffin says:

    sup ben i’ve been reading this for a while and didn’t realize you went to lakeside. i go to marist and i’ve definitely watched us play you. anyways your a brave dude and this blog probably helps a lot of people out so keep writing

  5. The Other Fred says:

    Back in my competitive days, I coached at summer camps for many years. Athletes from all over the country joined these camps to coach younger kids, lifelong friendships began and were solidified at these camps. Just separate business from pleasure – when your game face is on it doesn’t matter who the other guy is…

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