See You Later – Lyrics

See You Later –

Every moment that I’m with you, better savor
When I’m with you, stayin’ on my best behavior,
no, I’ll never say good-bye, only see you later.
No goodbyes, (no goodbyes)

Ill see you later, (babe) I promise baby, No goodbyes,
I’ll be there, I’ll see you later.

Look baby, I never had this planned out, it’s crazy how things pan out, do it all over if i had the chance now, cause you’re the (you’re the) best, stand out.

Feeling for your love, like a drug, but you’re here and I’m there, and there’s like a million miles between us, months we can’t touch, but please don’t give up, cause baby, don’t you know I’ll be home in a rush.

Today I’m thinking, wishing you’re next to me, like damn, this is a strong recipe, this love potion’s got the best of me, I kinda like it though, I just hope it’s destiny.

Now I really can’t put my heart into words, but believe me, you’ll always be first – so where ever we are in the world, you know you’re my boy.

That’s why I tell you . . .

– *Chorus* –

We knew this would be hard, but we said bring it on, and I ain’t ’bout to turn this track into a break up song, I’m constantly surrounded by these fake bitches, I just want you

So please, don’t get tangled up inside, and I’m looking at these boys feelin’ like I’m blind, couldn’t get you out of my mind, if I tried, I’m just to busy dreamin’ about those nights by your side.

Hold you in my arms as you sleep, yeah baby, that’s really all I need, and I would say my life’s complete, but the only thing I’m missin’ is my baby back east. It’s true, distance is cruel, but this life is for a reason so don’t get confused, the reason I’m gone doin’ all I do, (why) is so I can bring it home to you.

– Chorus –

Look at how far we’ve come. All the struggles and battles, we’ve won
And I know I could do so much more,
So I just wanna show you that love, is what you’ve been waiting for,
come out to the water baby, I’ll be at the shore,
and when I say your on the way again,
don’t you say goodbye….
Don’t you say goodbye…(It’s only see you later) x3
So I guess I’ll see you later (please don’t say goodbye)


Don’t critique it to hard now, its a first attempt at lyrics.

About Brad,Robert,Ben

We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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1 Response to See You Later – Lyrics

  1. Jay M. says:

    It’s an amazing song!!!! I can’t wait to hear the notation to go with the lyrics! I hope you post the whole thing to divshare and give us a link!
    This is touching, moving. Wow. Robert, you have talents we are just learning about!!! (I keep scrolling up to re-read the lyrics.)
    Peace ❤

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