Bridge Builders

This is an update of the past week (and a half) of not posting anything.

I was attending a week long camp called Bridge Builders. To read about it, click this link –>

In my own words, this club is exciting. It brings together a group of kids who would, probably, never get together in any other situation, and work together for a greater good of each other and our community. This program has been around for something around 90 years; the impact of such a club as Bridges on me, was extraordinary.

Additionally, my comfort zone is usually my only zone but being in B.B. you learn to step out of that box and express who you actually are around a group of different people who will not only understand but tolerate you rather than judge you.

To explain Bridges from a students perspective is probably the best perspective; however, to each student has a different experience to share. The basics: 2 years – your Junior year and your Senior year.

Junior year is comprised of team-building activities. As an unsuspecting junior myself, the first few days were hard to actually open up to my group. I’m naturally suspecting of people so I lack trust, but as symbolic relationships grew as did my trust for others. Some activities that really summarize Jr. camp would probably be the Wall. It symbolizes hardship and the level of difficulty one is presented in life. The objective: Climb over it.

Senior year was far different than Junior year, being that it focuses on the individual more so than a group. From an Urban Trek across Memphis with nothing but a map of the city to touring 6 different Memphis colleges and universities, and even visiting the Civil Rights Museum, and Stax Music Museum, we learned that Memphis has a lot to offer not only in opportunity but culturally as well. The Wall from junior camp was the last challenge in Senior camp, but this time its timed and EVERYONE at once has to climb the wall (which is bigger this time) all in silence. Upon climbing the wall, climbing a rock wall, and zip-lining 50 feet in the air above a concrete floor (all indoors), you move on to your senior year of being a Bridge Builder.

In conclusion, this was probably life-changing for myself, in that I would probably be set in my ways and not tolerant of those around me. I encourage you to read about B.B. as well as Memphis. “Don’t always judge a book by it cover”

– Rob

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We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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1 Response to Bridge Builders

  1. Jay M. says:

    Sounds like a great program, Rob. It’s always good to have that comfort zone challenged and pushed. It’s the only way to grow and reach out. Seems it also shows you your city in a new way, too.

    My only question: how bad was the “no electronic devices” withdrawal? LOL

    Peace ❤

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