Six and counting.

No this is not a post about a spin off show from the hit TLC show “19 kids and counting.” Instead this is a countdown to when LGBT people will finally be able to marry their loved ones. Last night New York added themselves to this group of states who have moved forward with equality since our national government still has not done anything despite the thousands upon thousands of people asking for equality in all 50 states. I know it seems dim and sad that only 6 states are in this group, but we should look at it differently. These states are the ones who are trail blazing the way for all the others. New York being the populous and diverse state that it is will be a huge encouragement booster for all of the other states to join along.

My sister tweeted “My little brother can now officially get married in NY someday!! Love you Bradley, can’t wait for your #wedding,” this morning. Yes the gesture was nice despite me not knowing that she did it until an hour afterwards, well on the bright side at least i do not have to come out to all of the people that are following her now. But when I grow up, I do not want to choose which state I live in based upon if i am allowed to marry my fiance or not. Especially since right now I would not have many options at all. Hopefully by the time that I marry, which will be in a very long time, I can choose to have my ceremony be held in any state in the US.

Yes, I was hoping that people would notice that this post was written by me, Brad, in the little tweet that I quoted. I have come back to the blogging world. The reason for me not blogging in forever was because of some personal debates that I was having with myself over some decisions that had to be made. I decided that I would not be continuing with high school sports next year as well as the year after that. The reason for this is not because i was bullied or ostracized from my team after I came out, it was quite the contrary. Instead it is because I have made the decision to become even more involved with student government at my school as well as in the county and state. My passion is to help my school out and others and being in ASB is something that I really love.

It took me a long time to be fully ok with this decision because I have been doing sports since the age of six. It seemed to some people that I was wasting some real talent and that I would regret it in the long run. But when I hear this I always think about the amazing opportunities that I have been welcomed with and have accepted. Hopefully this decision will help me achieve what I hope to achieve in the short run as well as long run.

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  1. Jay M. says:

    It’s quite all right to change your main focus in life, especially at your age. It’s considerably harder at say, the end of college, to change directions…so don’t let anyone get on your case about it. High school is about taking chances, about trying out different opportunities, and finding your way in life. You’ve taken one huge step in coming to terms with your sexuality, and dealing with that, now if you choose, it’s time to concentrate on other avenues, and see where those take you. That’s not wasting talent, bud, that’s stretching new boundaries, and developing new talents. Perhaps you will find some time to kick a ball around, or run a few laps, but give the student government, and all the levels you wish to work in all you’ve got. I have no doubt you’ll do well, and well, look out, guys! Here’s a force to be reckoned with, I reckon!

    Peace ❤

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