Hey from a ‘cooler’ place.

After an eventful trip to Chicago, I’ve come to a brief stop in the middle of nowhere for a family reunion. I sought out to find a college that fit ‘me’ while here and I believe that I found that college. DePaul University, it’s campus, student body, programs, and sports program all enveloped my mind. I instantly fell in love with the urban campus, it’s architecture, and students walking around. You could tell from the faces of soon-to-be grads as well as undergraduates that they were here for similar reasons as I want to be: Freedom.

I believe in that the right college will somehow ‘find’ its way into your heart and so DePaul did. I know that 45 Grand is a lot to shell out for college but you can’t put a price on opportunity. I also strongly believe one should go to where it makes them most happy and Chicago is that hook for me. I encourage anyone looking for a gay-friendly, urban-campus, as well as opportunity to look into DePaul or it’s surrounded counter-parts, such as Loyola.

One thing I really was impressed with was the amount of diversity in culture not only around the campus but city-wide. There’s nothing you can’t find in the city that doesn’t fit you. Anyway, this visit was successful times 1000. I look forward to finishing up my Senior year of High School and getting away from this hell-hole I call home.

– Robert

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6 Responses to Hey from a ‘cooler’ place.

  1. Jay M. says:

    That’s really awesome, Robert! I was on the DePaul campus years ago as part of a trip through the Midwest. It seemed like a really great place. And Chicago is a wonderful city.

    It’s really a shame that home has become a hell hole. I hope and pray your senior year is better.

    BTW, check the blog email…message for you in reply…

    Peace ❤

  2. doug says:

    Northwestern….a little closer to things, secular. Can’t go wrong with Chicago at all. It’s a beautiful city with everything one could hope for except a short winter.

  3. Rick B says:

    DePaul is a wonderful school I took my cousin (who is also gonna be a senior) there this summer too visit as well. Chicago is a nice city.. well as long as you don’t go to the wrong area that is.

    • As long as you don’t wander on your own near the White Sox area or too far up northside, you’re fine haha. But yes, what a wonderful city in itself.

      • Rick B says:

        Oh yeah it is and over in Chicago, Indiana ( which includes Gary,East Chi, ect) is not a very safe place to be ether! I have always prefer Indy since its got a kicking music scene and much closer to me hahaha. Also I feel really bad that i have not checked yalls blog since July!!! I normally checked in every day even though I rarely comment!

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