A Call For All –

“A Call for All”
I make this call to all, but mainly for the LGBT youth and athletes in this world. I make this call a challenge if you will to start living life as one can best do; A call where we are active in working with one another and for one another. To better the lives of those who will fallow and those who are leading the pack.We are athletes on the field of war and each day we battle against ourselves, our teammates, others who just don’t get it. It’s not a war won in a night after we have given it our all but a war won with courage and strength from within and without. We cannot keep our words to our self we must share them with others and start conversations that others would not want us to start. Oppression is of the mind and not of the body we can only keep us down and in the dark. As a song from the 90’s says “come into the light where you belong”. Let you lead a charge from one side of the country to the other and let no mortal man stand in your way as to progress into the light.

So I issue the challenge that if you take it you hold yourself to higher standards than you would of anyone else. You are making a vow to help all in need no matter what the look like on the outside, to stand with a brother or sister who is being bullied no matter race or religion. I ask that you stand up for the weak when they are being pushed down by words of hate and words of disrespect. I ask that you show respect for those who may dress different and those who don’t act within the same walls society has made.

As I make this call this challenge as you will to stand for something I ask that you become the change you are looking for. I ask that you show your face that you speak with a voice and that you of all people let the world know that you aren’t different you are equal in every way and that you are the change that this world has needed for so long. Be the change, Make the call and stand for who you are as others can only fight so long for you before you are to fight for yourself!

“Nothing changes, if nothing changes”

Be Well
Akil S. Patterson
e-mail: Greco4life@hotmail.com
Youtube: 60killer
Twitter: @akilpatterson
Facebook: Akil Patterson

About Brad,Robert,Ben

We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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3 Responses to A Call For All –

  1. Billy says:

    Those are fine sentiments indeed. Stand together with all those who are judged harshly for who they are. The worst part of it is to feel alone, when we speak up or extend our hand we break that isolation.

  2. Edward Vere Walrod says:

    Honestly I am not as coll as Brad, Ben or Robert. But I think my level of awesomeness is high enough for me to post something. My name is Edward Vere Walrod. And as this post clearly indicates I am gay. But not one of those stereotypical fashion loving (couldn’t give a crap), shopaholic (can’t stand it) gays. In fact I am the exact opposite. I love to run, workout, Archery (I went to the Junior olympics for that) and Taekwondo. And in the beginning like most I was terrified of anyone on my sports teams finding out I was gay. In fact when you grow up in a half Asian, half conservative white family, live in a conservative town and teammates are making homophobic slurs around you all the time it doesn’t help. It was only in this past year I was even able to come out. I realized at one point I am not stereotypical gay nor do any of my friends see me that way. I was elected as captain of my Taekwondo team and one of the coaches asked me in front of the entire class,”AS our new captain the students must know you better, name one thing we don’t know about you.” My response was, ” I am gay.” There was silence for a couple of seconds then applause all around. And no one has ever called me out on it or made it a problem to this day. Archery was slightly more funny. I qualified on the MA High school team at age 16 this year to go to the Junior olympics in colorado. I did. There were kids in my archery team who asked me right off the bat as if sensing I was uncomfortable are you gay cause I am totally cool with that. They were fine. Everyone on the MA at least. During the competition the teams from Virginia and Missouri some how found out though. And half of them decided to make this a big deal. The great part of the story my teammates came to my defense. And shut them down. Not to mention we won the Mens team event against both teams. There was just matter of my school left. My school Hingham High, MA is known for being a pompous rich white kids conservative school in out of all places Liberal MA. The way it went down was like this. It wasn’t during a track meet or practice with my team. Oh no it was when a member of the student cabinet (I am President of my stuco.) decided that during a stuc co meeting/event he would out me. How he found out I don’t know. Do I care not really. Point being stuco was furious (most of it) I was forced to resign halfway through my third term because I was gay. The track team who was helping at the event heard this. Next day in the locker room we were changing before track practice. No one said a thing. The captain called us over for a meeting and suddenly the entire track team gave me a giant teammate hug. I was quite confused. Then the captain said,” Look Edward we don’t care if you are gay and like guys. We are totally fine with. And we all want to say we apologize that we have made so many homophobic remarks and we are sorry we made you fell so uncomfortable. Also we can’t lose our best sprinter. ” It worked out well to say the least. I am taking a break from track for the summer and going read, play my viola, work out and hang out as well as work for Mitt Romney for his campaign. I am only 16 but if coming out was this amazing for a gay athlete like me in High school I can’t wait till college.

    Stay Strong, Inspired and Open.

    Edward Vere Walrod

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