Ascetic or acetic

I believe I have not spoken for more than one minute since two thirty this afternoon. Is that bad?

I just started listening to Tyler the Creator. He seems pretty indie, edgy, all that. But when I remembered that everyone at school thinks he’s the, I got to thinking. Why is music a battle to be the coolest? I’ve got a friend who was reluctant to even share the name of his new favorite band with me because he didn’t want to lose his competitive ‘indie’ advantage. What happened to music uniting people, to music being shared? Hell, what happened to sharing? I know hippies make everyone nowadays uncomfortable, but I think their fuck-all-but-be-nice attitude has some admirable qualities. Like the but-be-nice part. I think most people don’t realize how sharp their thoughts are. I know from being at a public school that the first thought in my head in most situations is a racist or sexist or some-kind-of-ist thought. I try to keep those to myself. Other people think their ‘first thought’s would make funny jokes. Not funny. Shut the fuck up, speak more often, think before you speak, and stop treating music like a contest.


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1 Response to Ascetic or acetic

  1. Jay M. says:

    Well, a bit of a rant. It’s good you think before you speak. Too many do not. And those are the ones who wind up hurting others and they are clueless as to why their friends are hurt.

    I’ve got some “hippie” friends and you’re right, they are nice people first and foremost. And music is to be shared…my God, what would happen to the bands if no one shared them? Geez, people, cmon!

    Thoughtful post, Ben,
    Peace ❤

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