2011, A Season in the Making

The 2011 Soccer season has come to an end and a start to the Play-Offs. We finished the year off with a 12-2-3 record, including 2 ties against the #13 and #15 top teams in the nation. I can say with out a doubt that we have a definite chance at winning the State Title this year.

With the loss of our top striker to a season-ending injury in the game against our inter-city rival, we have come up with 7 goals in 3 games without his presence. So I’d like to dedicate this season to my boy Tommy.

Having won our district we will have a first-round bye into the play-offs which gives us necessary time to rest, and giving us the best shot at winning our Region. We will have to play either the 8th or 7th seeded team in our first game and then on to the region finals which could be a toss-up between three of our biggest rivals.

As for this weekend, it’s Prom! However stressful school and prom can get, I will make this weekend the best possible one ever.

I’ll leave you all with a quote; “Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.” – Grandma Moses

About Brad,Robert,Ben

We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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1 Response to 2011, A Season in the Making

  1. Jay M. says:

    Sounds like a GRRREAT season! Congratulations. You’ve proven that your team can succeed with the loss of a single, though top-notch player. With your mad skills, and a team like you have, the State Title should be yours.

    So the big question is, who are you taking to prom? Aaron? Or would that bring the world to a halt? In any case, I’ll bet you’ll look handsome as can be in a tux! Have a good, safe time!

    Looking forward to all the gory prom details!
    Peace ❤

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