Top of the league

I write now with two back to back wins on my hands. We have a total of 13 goals in two games as well. We won our first game 9 to 0 and our second game 4 to 0. The first game was a district game so it was nice to put the beat down early. However, the second game we played a much better, bigger team. I’m headed to Nashville for the weekend for a tournament and then the next weekend I will be headed to Knoxville for the biggest tournament that’s not hosted by us.

With a 2 – 0 – 0 record in the regular season so far, it looks pretty hopeful for the rest of the season. I will post more about the tournament when I get back on Sunday or Monday.

Just dropping in –

– Robert

About Brad,Robert,Ben

We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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3 Responses to Top of the league

  1. sam says:

    I hope all of Tennessee is kind to you. I’ve lived in Knoxville for about thirteen years and love this town. It’s beautiful here in the spring time, and unless it rains the weather should be nice.

    Congrats on the wins, and good luck in your tournaments.

  2. Jay M. says:

    Awesome, Robert! That makes you 6-0 overall, doesn’t it?

    Have fun at the tourneys!

    Peace ❀

  3. aarontmorrow says:


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