Shaken, not stirred

I’m hosting a survey. The purpose follows my new motto, just because. I was just hit with a wondering about why people drink. I think I know, but I want to know I know. So help me find out, anonymous or not. I’m really interested in finding out the reasons. I realize the blog may only cater to a fairly specific demographic, but y’all are one of my favorite demos. Let me know how you feel or why you don’t drink. Or just whatever you think of drinking; this is a very open ended poll. Thanks.

To clarify, I do not condone abusive drinking. I believe people’s reasons for their actions are deeply rooted in their view of themselves and their lives. I want to gather info on what people think of drinking and raise self-awareness. If you realize why you binge drink, you may be able to make a better decision next time.


About Brad,Robert,Ben

We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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