L(A)SERS, Lupe Fiasco

I’m sitting here, in my room with the light off and a blanket around my shoulders, listening to Lupe Fiasco jumping around me while I type. This post is dedicated to him, Lupe, in anticipation of Lasers, Lupe’s third album (after Food & Liquor and The Cool.) A couple songs off the album have been released, including Never Forget You, The Show Goes On, and Words I Never Said.

In the world of bitches and hoes and weed and nines, it’s rebel to rap about education and the ghetto (as a negative image). Lupe’s not the only rapper to hop on these topics, but he’s damn sure one of the best.

Robert brought Words I Never Said to my attention a few days after it was released. The first night I listened to it, I came out (more publicly than I was.) I would type up the lyrics that motivated me, but that would do a disservice to Lupe’s song. So listen to this, and all of Lupe’s songs. Listen closely to the third verse (about fear). This is the most real verse I’ve heard in a long long time. It brings to attention what we all do but don’t realize. Enjoy.


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2 Responses to L(A)SERS, Lupe Fiasco

  1. Graeme says:

    I’m a teacher and my class suddenly think i’m super cool coz I know who Lupe Fiasco is… though I still point blank refuse to know anything about Duck Sauce or the Barbra Streisand Song! 😀
    Loving Lupe Fiasco and all his works… though bizarrely one of my favourite things is a wee poem/clip of a spoken word thing called Baba Says Cool for Thought
    anyhoo… this blog could easily be called the Lupe appreciation society…
    keep it up though guys, and confound my wee ones!
    Mr Ross! 😀

    • Lupe is pretty on track with the upcoming progressive generation, including me, Robert, and Brad. He’s got the right sound and the right content for the most part. I know Baba Says Cool for Thought. it’s intense. The intro to Food & Liquor is the same type monologue, I think by the same person. You should check it out.

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