Hey all. So as all swimmers out there know, it is championship season. Mid-February through the beginning of March, every conference has their final meet (before NCAAs, that is). It is a really exciting time for all of us in the swimming community, watching fast swims is what we live for.

I know some of you readers out there will be able to relate to this: when I was younger, I used to be mesmerized by all of the fast NCAA qualifiers and Olympic swimmers. I thought they were super humans who had reached an unattainable level. Then slowly these people became my teammates, my friends. It is really cool to be part of such a connected community… now when I watch the Olympics or NCAAs or look at the results of the BigTen/SEC/Pac10 championships (the three fastest swim conferences in the country) I get to see a ton of my childhood friends and teammates making finals and setting records. To be honest, I’m still amazed by this. I find it strange to see my friends become the fastest swimmers in the world. Strange in a good way, of course!
Anyway, I have been working up the courage to come out for a long time. At this time last year, I actually wasn’t considering it at all. I thought I would graduate college, and then figure it out. But being a part of this blog and seeing other young men in similar situations has given me courage and strength. About the time I wrote my first post, I decided I was going to tell at least someone… eventually. I haven’t given myself a deadline; I’m just going with the flow.
I still have not told anyone, but with each story I read on this blog, I come closer and closer to being able to. I’m still deciding between telling my sister or a friend at school. I’m leaning towards the friend right now…
Thanks to this blog, I have been able to see other people in the same situation as me come out first hand. I’ve seen it up close, they all survive. It pretty much always goes better than expected. I’m not scared to tell people anymore. I feel like I should embrace this feeling, just take the plunge… hopefully I’ll come up breathing

– Daniel

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We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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  1. Cr1441 says:

    Daniel thanks for the post I really like it. Best luck to you I’m sure everything will go great!

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