School’s reaction to my coming out

It has been over a week since the video has aired in my school -– the one where I said I am gay — and I am happy to say that no one has said a negative comment towards me. Also, all of my friends have said that they have not heard anything either, which is even more promising. In high school people do not say things to your face and instead they make talk with their friends about the current drama and news. My friends not having heard anything means that at least most people do not even care that I am gay. To them it is just another aspect about me.

Today in Spanish class we were reading a poem and in the poem the author uses one word to describe himself — sincere. My teacher tried to point out how difficult it is for someone to be able to do this by picking me and naming all of the things that people would be able to describe me. Though she didn’t meant anything outside of the poem. I took it as people have the option of describing me as the “gay” kid even though I am far from the stereotypical homosexual person and there are many more aspects to who I am.

If people had to describe me though, I am fairly certain that over 80% of the people in my school would say either the spirit man or the student government person. I strive to be more than the limits that are put upon me, which may be why I never accept being just good at something. If I put my mind to something I devote all of my efforts into that and no one is able to stop me from doing what I set out for. My parents like to describe this as being “bull-headed,” but I like to call it persistence. That is one trait that will help in the long run with being successful. People who push themselves to their limits and still keep on pushing are the ones who will make it far in life. My mom always gets on me for eating more food because when I start something I am able to keep on going without stopping. The success and the challenge of the obstacle I am trying to overcome become the fuel that keeps me going past what I thought my breaking point. People need to find something that allows them to keep on pushing even when  every muscle in their body is telling them to stop as in sports. For me with leadership it is more my brain just praying for a break.

What I am trying to say here is that people shouldn’t let being gay define them. I never have and never will, it is just one of the many things that make me who I am today. Everyone needs to find that thing that makes unique and different. This thing should be something that you are inspired to do through the good as well as the bad times. You should want to be the very best and even dream about achieving the perfect scenario.

Growing up I always thought that the one thing I wanted to be the best in would be some sport. Through the past few years my drive has changed though. Instead of devoting all of my effort into running, which I still love, I have begun putting a lot of my free time into student government at my school. So I hope everyone is able to find that one thing that keeps them going. I know I have.


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7 Responses to School’s reaction to my coming out

  1. Craig says:

    Good to see your school is still reacting positively! Its always interesting to hear how other people describe you, and from all the work you’ve been putting in to your stuco I wouldn’t doubt that they agree with your 80% prediction. Its pretty hard to live down the imagine of “the spirit man” after winning class president hahah. Can’t wait to see if that percentage changes if you get the spot on your state board of education!

  2. Jay M. says:

    And the inspiration continues. Brad, this is the perfect follow-up to last week’s post. Your insight into your own psyche is pretty amazing for a young man your age. Too many of us allow that one thing, either sexuality, sport, current bf/gf, etc., define them. To recognize where your parts fit in to the whole is pretty cool. That kind df maturity is woefully absent in so many others. I think your experience in school proves that there are people and places in this world that truly are enlightened. You are one of the guys who is fortunate to live in one of those places.

    My fervent prayer is that this type of acceptance spreads across our country, and guys like the 3 of you will have a lot to with that happening!

    Peace ❤

  3. Donna O'Neil says:

    You are a grandson to be proud of in many ways, but mostly you are a grandson who has been loving, kind, and thoughtful to us all of your life. You are an exceptional student, athlete, and leader as well. Actually, when I share my pride with others about you, it is difficult not to seem like I am bragging, but then, what’s not to brag about? Your writing is fluid and excellent and your mission is one that the world is waiting for. You are blessing the world with your gifts–keep up the great work!

  4. Della says:

    I do love this. I certainly also believe that we have such long lives ahead of us that we should try to find more than one thing to be good at. There is no law that says we can not be skilled at many things. It certainly makes you a lot happier and fills your life out. I myself am finding more and more each day many more things that I like to do also. I will be 22 in march and I know I have so many more things to drop and add as life goes on.

    Thanks For Having Me,
    Della 🙂

  5. Tom says:


    I’m 63 and came out only 10 years ago. But the reaction I got was the same as your school’s. Not much of a reaction. We’ll always be aware we are iving in a straight world but isn’t it great to be living in a world where being gay is no big deal.

    Have a great, long life.


  6. Brandan H. says:

    Hey guys,
    I think this is a great thing that your doing. i personally can say that it gives me hope that i can finally come out in my school. trouble is, is that 1. my school is not very gay friendly, 2. im rlly scared because im probably one of the last people anyone would expect because im a 3 sport varsity athlete, and 3. well because im a big guy, so it sucks but its going to be nice to check this blog.
    keep it up guys, great work, Brandan H.

  7. Mark D says:

    We always anticipate a bigger reaction than there really is.

    Having come out in middle schoolto my friends and family , then a private Catholic school, at several jobs, and this year as a freshman in college, the majority of people always just shrugged.

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