I am f.b.o. (Facebook Official)

I honestly thought I had done a pretty good job of coming out. I had told my parents, some friends, I had even printed my sexuality on my Facebook info tab. But apparently no news is fbo (Facebook official) until it is typed up and packaged in the infamous Facebook status. Whole worlds and relationships and events have been typed up in hasty, misspelled words known simply as “the status.”

On Tuesday, at about six, after soccer tryouts, Robert showed me Words I Never Said, by Lupe Fiasco (Listen to it!) I listened to the song- no, I experienced the song. I was feeling quite lofty and analytical. I took Lupe’s last verse to heart so closely that I quickly switched from the youtube video over to my ever-open Facebook tab on Firefox and typed up this status: “I just listened to Words I Never Said. I’m gay, just fyi. I also don’t have much respect left for most of my teachers and I have a lot of respect for the ones who respect me. That goes for friends, too.”

Thirty plus people “like” my status and just as many have commented. I guess I’m gay now. Let’s see how the soccer season, which kicks off with the roster being posted tomorrow morning, plays out. First game in a week. Wish me luck.


About Brad,Robert,Ben

We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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10 Responses to I am f.b.o. (Facebook Official)

  1. Joseph says:

    It’s never easy my friend and I must commend you in your efforts. I wish you the best of luck and hope everyone else takes inspiration from you.

  2. Ben –

    You’re on your way to growing up and I can’t help but say how proud I am of you. You are one of the best friends I could ever have met and have had a privilege of knowing you through the best of times and the worst – Keep up your amazing work and never let anybody down because it does get better. I know it does 🙂
    I love you man!

    – Robert

  3. socrkid17 says:

    dude thats to sick and thats awesome to hear that so many people liked it. thats BIG time man. congrats!!!

  4. Jay M. says:

    Yeah, man, way to go. It does get easier. But it’s kind of interesting. Another guy about your age did the same thing. And no one noticed. Or mentioned if they did. He’s got plenty of friends, but perhaps he’s still not FBO! LOL, I like that! FBO!

    Peace ❤

  5. Jay M. says:

    And oh yeah, you don’t need luck, cause you got the skills, Ben!
    Peace ❤

  6. Fred says:

    Something tells me you don’t need anyone to wish you luck, but just in case, Good Luck! I wish you all the best!

  7. rhulshofschmidt says:

    Congratulations on your courage and honesty. The world needs more outspoken, proud youth. You are making the world a better place. My husband and I have linked your blog from a post on homophobia and athletics on his blog. May you only be rewarded for your strong spirit!

  8. Philip says:


  9. My husband and I have been taking the time to read through your blog. Wow! We are both so impressed. I wish we had had the courage and dedication you three demonstrate. In solidarity we will achieve full equality. I hope you will enjoy my blog as well: http://hulshofschmidt.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/born-gay/

    I would love to interview the three of you, if possible, for my blog. You are an inspiration to young LGBT youth, and they need all the good energy they can get.

    Warm regards,

  10. Dear Brad, Robert, and Ben,

    I am currently running a series of interviews on my blog called Millennial Generation. As you know, my husband and I are fans of your blog. Please let me know if you all would be interested in letting me include your voices in this series. My blog focuses on LGBT issues. Here is one of the interviews: http://hulshofschmidt.wordpress.com/2011/02/13/millennial-generation-interview-with-lex-kahn/

    Let me know if you would care to share your perspective regarding your generation.

    Best regards,

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