Open season

Soccer conditioning has officially started. 50 new faces, some familiar, some not – one expression: Apprehension. With an announcement over the speaker throughout the school, coach has told us to meet on the track due to the snow and ice. 8 Laps today – no biggie. 12 on tuesday, no biggie – 16 on Wednesday – soccer has officially begun its toll on your body.

In the time between Monday and Friday those who do not ‘want’ to be here will be relegated to coach’s “shit list.” Those who make it past this week attend weekend weight training and running. My goal is to make it to the weekend alive and well for weekend. As a Junior, I’ve become well-accustomed to “Wolf’s House of Pain,” and I look forward to it’s glories. From freshman year I’ve endured this and it’s by far the worst weekend of your year, but you will see has the season progresses what it pays off for you. Especially for the young guys who make it there.

I would write more today but I’m officially exhausted from the cold wind in my lungs – I’m off to get some Epsom salt and hit the bath tub, stretch, study, and carb up. Wish me luck, if I don’t post until this Friday, you’ll know I’m working hard.


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We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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3 Responses to Open season

  1. Daen says:

    Well good luck! I damn near froze to death today and I only had to walk a mile!

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  3. Good luck! dont let all of that training you did over the summer as well as this school year go to waste.


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