S.W.O.S. (Sporadic Work Out Syndrome)

I try to work out a solid work out, but it never works out. I’ll adopt a good 45 minute routine and stick with it for maybe a week. Then along comes one small setback, maybe some extra homework. So I’ll deviate from my original plan just a little bit… and pretty quickly the entire schedule goes to hell. I’ve become the master of sporadic, week-long work outs. In order to keep a work out constant, I’ve found that I have to force myself to do as little as possible, so that it’s easy to fit into any busy schedule. For the past few weeks I’ve managed to hold onto 40 push ups a night, with, of course, the sporadic routine thrown in. I can’t say I’m “big,” but I’m excited to have finally adopted a routine that I can stick with, even if it is a minimalist work out.

If anybody else has SWOS (invented by yours truly), comment below. Tell me if you’ve found a routine that works, because I could use one. Thanks.


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1 Response to S.W.O.S. (Sporadic Work Out Syndrome)

  1. Craig says:

    As someone who has suffered, albeit rather enjoyably, from SWOS for two years now I can give you a few of my favorites. Try following up your push ups with 50 seconds of planks (3 reps if you have the time) and some bicycle crunches or reverse jack knives. These are all relatively quick exercises which you can do to strengthen your abs nearly anywhere and in a sport where you run practically non-stop, having a strong core certainly helps.

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