Get Big

“Ay dawg, you doin’ conditioning?”

“Fuck that shit dude… yeah I am. I’ll see you there.”

Expletives rain like wildfire once everybody’s jock takes over in preparation for the coveted soccer tryouts. My high school is a soccer school. We have won plenty of AAAA state championships, the most recent being two years ago, when my older brother was a junior on the team. Now my junior year soccer season is approaching. I am pumped. When I was a sophomore on the team, we made it all the way to penalties in the semifinals. This has got to be the year. With tryouts a few weeks away, I’ve begun working out, practicing, hydration, dieting, and, I hate to say it, conditioning.

Good luck to Robert, who’s got a soccer season coming up, to Brad, who’s got track, and good luck to anyone else with sports on the horizon. Leave it all on the field.


Conditioning: The stepping stone to having the best team in the state. As high school soccer approaches as does conditioning. The most abhorred word in the entire pre-season. Walking through the hallways Coach will be lurking around and he’ll make sure you see him as he’s staring you down with the normal ‘death stare’.

This is the life of a Division 5A soccer player and as conditioning becomes more of a reality, it sets in. My team is on its way to winning it’s 1st state championship in three years after the collapse of the 5-year-running state champ teams. Time to find more iPod tunes and some new Nike’s before the most hated time of the season turns around.


About Brad,Robert,Ben

We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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