Journal Entry #3









Hopeless Desire

Steady as the stars and the moon,
I swim in an ocean filled of my past –
And I don’t know what goes through my mind
in this bay of undesirable mistakes.
Mind plagued by a disease,
Nothing to wring my sleeves of my
Blind wrath –
“Unwelcome,” they yell –
No patience yielded
– But they yell,
Cold words pierce my heart like the first winter frost,
and I am cast away beyond the confines of fear.

Not a place for the wanderers,
‘cause everyone knows the truth
that we all desire acceptance
or else we desire nothingness.

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About Brad,Robert,Ben

We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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2 Responses to Journal Entry #3

  1. Jasmin says:


    8th grade in a school in Norway, (Maybe all 8th graders i Norway, i dont know) the school i go to, are using your letter to your parents about you being gay at our mock exam :) together with other stories and texts :)
    Just wanted to let you know! You are a really good writer btw :) i think its good that you want to be you. No hiding. And gay people in sports? I dont se the problem. The reason people dont like it… Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they like all guys… Ough! It annoys me that people dont like gay people… I think they are awesome !!

  2. Jasmin says:

    That was to brad :) ^

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