All-Star Game

While my High School season didn’t end particularly the way I’d hoped for at state, I was however given the chance to play in the Tennessee All-Star game. The West Team, (From Memphis through Nashville) plays against the East team (beyond Nashville) and hasn’t won an All-Star game for 3 years. This year would be different – I was selected as one of 5 defenders to play and start in the Tennessee All-Star game and I wouldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. I scored the first goal off a corner kick in the 30th minute of the game and later helped hold a 2-1 lead for 30+ minutes in the final half to seal the victory for the West!

You can read the full story here:

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3 Responses to All-Star Game

  1. Jay M. says:

    I feared when I didn’t see jubilation that State didn’t go as you wanted. You had a whale of a run in high school.

    Doesn’t it feel good to get your name in the paper? I read the article. Well played game, Robert! Congratulations.

    Peace <3

  2. tristram says:

    Your head, the post, your foot, the net !! How awesome is that? The ball can take all kinds of bounces, but if you’re in position you’ll get your shots and if you’re a champ you’ll convert them. And you did.

    • It was such a great feeling being able to put in the net – I never got that opportunity during the season and when I put myself up there I took it to the fullest! Thank you for the kind words, Tristram!

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