The Question -

I think because I’m still young and I’m still going through life at a hectic speed I haven’t had time to sit down and think about who I am lately but recently I met a girl who I have strong feelings for – maybe it’s nothing or maybe it’s something – either way, I know that I have no clue who I am still and it’s something that really makes me wonder why me?

From what I have heard from my elders it seems to be a life-long process and so while I’m ahead of the curve I’m going to just do me – :)

Just a quick drop by -


- Rob


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7 Responses to The Question -

  1. No one truly knows who they are, at least not completely and especially not when they’re teenagers. So that can’t be the reason that keeps you from going after what you want. Go for her!


  2. Chuck Mielke says:

    I’ll quote a refrigerator magnet that I may still have: “Life is not about finding yourself; it is about creating yourself.”

    On a related note, I think many conservative (especially religious) people tend to think that their “true self” is out there, somewhere, pre-formed and ready for them to step into like some kind of armor. What usually happens as they “try to find” themselves is that they get so panicked by the long search that they will confine themselves to about anything where the rules are clear and permission is given. In short, they become the tool of something other than themselves. (People often find this kind of thing in the military setting. That may be a partial reason that the military tend to be conservative.) This fits into the “episodic” mindset promoted by our modern media, where every problem is presented and cleared up within a set time limit. Too many people see life as a series of puzzles, each complete in itself, rather than as an on-going kind of unfolding.

  3. lubbockgaymale says:

    You have lots of time to discover your true self, so don’t worry. And DON’T try to pigeonhole yourself into some societal ‘norm’, please. And remember, no one is the same person at 50 as the person they were at 20.

  4. Jay M. says:

    All you can do is be true to yourself and your feelings. Let your heart lead you in matters of love.
    Peace <3

    • Chuck Mielke says:

      Jay M. There is wisdom in the old song, “But Not For Me:” “… with love to lead the way, I’ve found more skies of gray than any Russian play could guarantee…” Romance is fine; love is wonderful. But, as in all else, a balance between heart and head leads to happier outcomes.

      • Jay M. says:

        Oh, Chuck Mielke, I agree. To a point. I honestly think at 18 years old, at such a time when as Robert points out, he is still trying to suss out who he really is, the heart should concentrate on the love part! ;-)

  5. Andy says:

    I totally understand you, Robert..I just finished my freshman year, and I also have this girl, who I really care about (and I think she cares about me too- although I’m not sure completely). I feel something from her that I’ve never felt from any other people. But anyways, yeah I don’t know what to do. I wanna ask her out sometimes, but I am just so afraid that it’s gonna turn out as a disaster in the end (cuz I’m still attracted to guys too), and ruin the whole relationship. And I’ve never been in any kind of relationship (dating..). So yeah..I feel your pain. Maybe I could email you soon and we can talk more haha.

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