What Fuels Me

Earlier today my Mom came across a note addressed to myself and my parents in the mail that was unsigned and on a half-piece of paper. In a summary it stated something along the lines of, “your parents are cunts,” and, “your son is a faggot.” Now while this piece of paper was unsigned, I had an idea of who sent it to me.


This is a letter to you: Thank you for giving me the fuel I need to drive me to higher heights. Without you I would not have a reason to fight against the ignorance you so clearly exemplify. You should know that calling me names won’t get a reaction but calling my parents out will. This is my family. Leave them out of whatever you still think is there (even though we don’t talk any more and I have stated you have no right to be in my life any more.) I’ve talked this over with my parents and they have said there is no reason to go through with giving your letter to your mom and exposing your immaturity and petty nature – however I will let you know this – If you ever call my family out again, be prepared for a lawsuit. (Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that putting that letter in my mail-box is, indeed, against the law – especially since we have you on camera.)



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We are three kids from three different time zones, with one common goal. This is our voice:
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17 Responses to What Fuels Me

  1. Way to go, Robert!

    I probably wouldn’t have waited for a second time so whoever did this is lucky you’re giving them a chance to leave it at that.

    • Sometimes you gotta be mature right? I figured my parents were right in that I let this one slide – it’s a good thing they’re looking out for me or who knows what might have happened.

      - Robert

  2. Jay M. says:

    It’s awful that you are still having to deal with him. Especially in ways like this. I hope he gets the message.

    Peace <3

    • Jay,

      The whole incident is lame – Never thought I’d get hatemail from someone of the LGBT community; however, all hate is hate and has no place here. Shake it off and move on right?

      Stay cool Jay,

      • Jay M. says:

        Exactly, shake it off and move on…college is coming, and he’ll be out of your life geographically, too, which can make a difference. I hope he grows up enough to move on with HIS life, ya know?

  3. Jase says:

    Your ex needs some professional help. There will always be doubters and haters, Rob. Though those two go hand in hand. There is no finer satisfaction than placing your doubters in a position where they feel like sheep in a pasture. You know how people say “You can’t get everything in life”? It’s total bullshit. Do what you have to do, push on as much as you can, and I promise you man, you can achieve anything you want in life. The power resides within your mind. Just gotta unleash it.

    • Jase says:

      Also, I just have to point out the utter retardation of one gay male calling another gay (Or bi? IDK what you are) a “faggot”. I can understand if it’s joking around, but to inflict emotional harm while you are of the minority you call out in a medium of communication is just retarded. I cannot find a classy word to describe the sheer stupidity of this incident and must resort to a crass and un-PC term such as “retarded”.

      • Jase,

        You’re completely right – Haters will always exist and without them there is no reason for me to exist! And again with what you quoted – spot on. Nothing is handed to you in this cut-throat world – you have to take what is placed right in front of you. I appreciate the kind words and advice!

        Stay positive,

  4. Andy says:

    What? Your ex did this to u? Wow..what a douche
    Stay strong, Robert!

  5. Dude, your ex did this? That’s just laughable. Pitty him instead of getting mad.

  6. mjtravis says:

    As a high school teacher myself, I have witnessed numerous examples of teen cruelty against another teen. Life as a gay person is tough enough as it is, without someone adding to the cruelty. I would like to chalk it up to peer pressure, ignorance, parental upbringing, whatever, but the fact is: a bully is a bully no matter what the excuse is used to justify it. Some teachers are gay, too, you know, but afraid to come out and defend the person being attacked; for fear of being outed himself or herself. You three are an inspiration to us all, whether we be teens or older. I hope you will continue this blog so we can follow your experiences and learn from them.

  7. Jay says:

    You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.
    Winston Churchill

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